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frankiezafe is a pseudo i use for my online presence.
It appeared in the the early 00's .
I kept it because my family name is generally hard to spell in english  (the 'j' & the 'g') and difficult to pronounce by non-french speakers.
And also because i like it.

François Zajéga

Born in 1979
Lives & works in brussels

This is the "official" section of my website, by opposition to the lab.
The purpose of this section is to present my work in a short and non-technical way, sorted by common categories in visual art, such as "digital" or "paper".
If you dig a bit lower, you'll understand that i don't care about these convenient categorisation of art. See "about" for more details.

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About the design of this section.
Thanks to Carsten Nicolai for his inspiring "Grid index"!
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Generative video

Hitomi and the yakuzas 1
Hitomi and the yakuzas 2
Hitomi and the yakuzas 3
Hitomi and the yakuzas 4
Hitomi and the yakuzas 5
Hitomi and the yakuzas 6
Hitomi and the yakuzas 7
Hitomi and the yakuzas 8

Hitomi and the yakuzas - snapshots - 2014 - complete set here.

[en] Through this series of generative paintings, we explore the raw material that are the contemporary pornographic videos. Each slaughter develops an aspect in touch with these productions: the pleasure, the sensualism, the disappearance of the individual, the violence, the suffering, etc.
The rare understandable tracks suggest rather that they show the sexual intercourse, bringing a painterly sensuality in generated images.

[fr] A travers cette série de tableaux génératifs, nous explorons la matière première que sont les vidéos pornographiques contemporaines. Chaque carnage développe un aspect en rapport avec ces productions: le plaisir, la sensualité, l'effacement de l'individu, la violence, la souffrance...
Les rares traces compréhensibles suggèrent plutôt qu'elles ne montrent le rapport sexuel, ramenant une sensualité picturale dans les images générées.

Images et concept: François Zajéga
Son: Gauthier Keyaerts